Coaching to Establish a Parenting Vision

by Clarifying Personal Values and Parenting Beliefs

The Difference between Values and Beliefs


People use both values and beliefs to guide their actions and behavior. From beliefs, people develop attitudes that direct their roles and actions every day.

Now that you have reviewed and worked with values, you understand what they are and how to use values in parenting and with families.
This lesson explores the relationship between values and beliefs with the understanding that beliefs may or may not be accurate.?

Our beliefs grow from what we see, hear, experience, read and think about. From these things we develop an opinion that we hold to be true and unmovable at that time. From our beliefs we derive our values, which can either be correct or incorrect when compared with evidence, but nonetheless, we believe that they hold true for us.

  • So beneath each value is a belief.
  • People hold beliefs to be true. (My father spanked me as a kid. Therefore, I turned out better because of the spanking)
  • People hold values to be important. (As a parent, I value kids who behave and do as they are told. If my kid can’t do that, then I spank him.)





Parenting attitudes and opinions about child rearing may or may not be effective in families you work with. Your role would be to determine what and why about such a situation.

As a coach or consultant, what you may run into are parents whose beliefs appear as convictions for which they regard as normal. However, the beliefs may have no basis in proof or fact. For example, a?huge amount of literature (worldwide) has proved that spanking traumatizes children. Most countries in the European Union have passed laws meant to prevent adults spanking children.
ACPI provides these two in depth workbooks which you work through with parents to help them establish reasonable child-rearing guidelines that are effective.

Use this workbook to share and complete with your client. You are seeking insight as to what beliefs they want to change to improve their parenting skills. Below are both a PDF version and a Word Document version for ease of printing.

Beliefs & Values PDF


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Beliefs and Values Document

The Two Documents Below…

You can download these two documents and change them by adding your logo, your name, and the content can also be modified. If you wish to modify the documents content – email, and the Word Documents will be emailed to you. Make these some of your first, personalized tools to offer to a group of parents or to your coaching clients.?

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If you are interested in more resources for changing beliefs that are false or do not work, visit this webpage for more reseources.


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