Sorting Core Values for Effective Parenting


PROCESSThis class focuses on you completing these exercises and choosing your tools to guide parents through identifying and using their core values to understand how values influence:

  1. Parenting decisions
  2. Parenting choices for discipline
  3. Disgruntled emotions if family choices and behaviors differ from the value system. For example, a parent has a certain expectation for a child’s conduct if they visit grandparent’s house for Christmas. When the expectation is defeated by the child’s unexpected brhavior, the parent’s values system is challenged. How would you handle that? How would you coach another parent in such a situation?
  4. How redefining 5 important values for each family member could create family harmony and more respect for individual choices.?

A. Watch the presentation to understand how personal values, often not recognized, are like the rudder of a ship guiding the course of a person’s thoughts and actions. This makes the topic especially important for the parents you coach.

B. Next, the Core Values ebook shows that values will vary based on which values support how you parent and how you coach parents. Likewise, values define how you think about parenting. The PDF files serve to help you define parenting values an incorporate them into family activities. 

C. Discuss in your mentoring session or write out how the values you chose are the foundation for your parenting.


What Are Values? Why Do They Matter?

The Core Values Workbook for parents uses family activities to define, write out, and post values that involve family discussions and activities.

Please use this workbook as a parent with your spouse and with children and complete the activities. Write a summary of what insights you learned. Prepare to explain why you would or would not use this document in coaching parents how to better define their parenting preferences and practices.


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