5. Proactive Discipline and Decisions

Module 5 Assignment

Proactive Discipline- Process and Decisions

Hindsight can be a wonderful teaching tool.? When we do not have effective strategies or plans in place to help us to avert adverse situations, we often resort to reacting from an emotional state. This potentially causes conflict and distress.?

Hindsight, which occurs after we have had time to think, often has us questioning,

?If I had only???????.?

? ?If we just had??????..?


  1. Describe at least 3 scenarios you have experienced from either a personal or professional perspective of a family? struggles, conflict or concerns.
  2. What method(s) of proactive discipline would you guide this family to adopt in order to help them elicit the changes they are seeking in order to effectively respond to similar situations in the future and prevent the resulting distress.

????????????????? *Please apply as many Proactive Discipline concepts as possible.

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