Certified Family Coach Training

Homework Assignments for Family Coach Training

and Certification?



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Module 1 ? Introduction to Family Coaching
Get Curious! Ask Powerful Questions

  • Of the 4 Family Coaching Roles discussed (slide #11) what role do you see as your strength?
  • Which of these roles do you hope to nurture and strengthen for yourself?
  • Create a list of questions (mentioned on slide 7) that you feel are important to ask in order to coach and guide your clients on their parenting and family journey.
  • What other information is important for you to know as a Family Coach to begin your journey with your clients?


Module 2 ? Coaching Families in Communication and Connection


  1. Create a detailed vignette of a family that has hired you for coaching
  2. Choose at least 3 skills that were covered in this module to apply in your coaching with this family.
  3. How will you coach/guide this family in applying each skill to reaching their goals?
  4. How will you model these skills in your coaching sessions?
  5. Which of these skills speaks to your strengths? How so?
  6. Which of these coaching skills do you feel you would like to nurture for yourself? Why? How will this impact you professionally? Personally?

Module 3- Supporting Family Culture

  • How were the roles defined in your family growing up?
  • How did this impact your youth?
  • If you could, what would you change?
  • How are the roles defined in your family today?
  • How did your role as a child impact your beliefs today?
  • Is there anything you would like to change?
  • What are your values?? Make a list of your top 10 values~

Not sure?……

  • What will help you identify and communicate what your values are?
  • How do your values show up in your daily life?
  • How do you model your values for your children?
  • What obstacles may prevent you from acting out your values?
  • How will this knowledge help you as a coach?

Module 4

Coaching Family Stressors and Transitions


Describe a situation that you regretted handling in a reactive manner.?

  • What was the impact of your reaction on yourself? On your child? On your family?
  • What did you learn from that experience?
  • What would you do differently if you found yourself in the same situation again? Explain- (sharing strategies that that have been discussed.)
  • How can your experience help you with coaching families?

Module 5- Proactive Discipline- Process and Decisions

Hindsight can be a wonderful teaching tool.? When we do not have effective strategies or plans in place to help us to avert adverse situations we often resort to reacting from an emotional state potentially causing conflict and distress.? Hindsight, which occurs after we have had time to think, often has us questioning,??

?If I had only???????.?

? ?If we just had??????..?

  • Describe at least 3 scenarios you have experienced from either a personal or professional perspective of a family? struggles, conflict or concerns.
  • What method(s) of proactive discipline would you guide this family to adopt in order to help them elicit the changes they are seeking in order to effectively respond to similar situations in the future and prevent the resulting distress.

????????????????? *Please apply as many Proactive Discipline concepts as possible.

Module 6- Discipline, Restitution and Consequences


  • Describe a time when you were punished-
    • What was that experience like for you? Your thoughts, feelings? How did this effect you? Did your behavior change? Why?? In what ways?
    • What was your take away from that experience?
    • What consequences or restitution would have been more effective?
  • Share an example of a family stuck in a cycle of misbehavior and punishment.
    • What patterns are evident?
    • What are the effects on the child(ren)? On the parents?
    • Utilizing principles discussed throughout the classes, how would you coach, educate, guide this family for change?
  • Describe a time when you solved your child?s problem. What message did you send your child by doing so?
    • Apply the 5-step problem solving process to this situation. How does this change the outcome?? The messages being sent?