Certified Parent Coach Training Mastery–Course Description

The foundation parent coach training

for your well-rounded business education.

Parent Coach Training certifies you in what a New York Times article called the profession of parent coaching : the newest self-help approach for over-stretched parents which is catching on fast for several reasons : the cost is reasonable; it can be done over the telephone and parents  movement away from counselors and doctors. 

This Course Is the Foundation For the Parent Coach Certification


This parent coach training program is online.
You complete the course in 8 weeks or 16 weeks t based on your decision to complete two classes per week or one class per week.
You enroll and receive the Gateway URL, where your journey to certification starts.
You navigate from one lesson to the next. Each lesson has an assignment, which must be completed to meet the course requirements.
Weekly or bi-monthly phone consults occur with the trainers for the classes. The purpose is to practice coaching, using forms and assessments; answer questions and help you design Parent-Coaching Business or be coached yourself.

The course follows these training topics:

Topic 1: Introduction to Parenting Coaching

Topic 2: The Business and Process of Coaching a Client

Topic 3: Coaching Skills Labs

Topic 4: Parent Temperament Styles

Topic 5: Children’s Temperament Traits

Topic 6: Putting Concepts Into A Business Model

Course Information

Course Instructor

Dr. Caron Goode Dr. Caron Goode Author