Class Five

Cognitive Dissonance and Problem Solving Skills

Goals of Lesson Five

1. Review Cognitive Biases. Determine what are your cognitive biases and write out each of your biases and how you see each one manifest in your thinking and or choices. Finally, write out how you would change this bias into more productive thinking.

2. To become knowledgeable about defining and resolving a problem. The focus on solving issues is to?empower clients?to do this for themselves.

3. To practice the steps to problem-solving in three parenting scenarios

  • Define the problem. Diagnose the situation so that your focus is on the problem, not just its symptoms.

  • Generate alternative solutions.

  • Evaluate and select an alternative.

  • Implement and follow up on the solution.

1. Review The Solving Problems Action Plan

By yourself or with a partner, look at the solutions that have been most effective in your problem solving and do more of that. Trying different solutions is helpful. A repeated ?solution? that does not work may actually become the problem.

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2. Use the Problem Solving Checklist to offer solutions to these parenting issues.

Parenting Scenario One


Children’s playtime outside in the snow turns into a fight. Children hit each other.

Parenting Scenario Two  

A one-year-old child suddenly refuses to eat breakfast, which mom fixes for the family each morning. Normal breakfast might be toast and eggs, or similar hot meal.?





Discover Cognitive Biases

Think of cognitive bias?as a flaw in our thinking. While most of us believe that we are logical and reasonable in our thought processes, we are not.

In reality, we often make decisions based on the incomplete or inaccurate information. Also, emotions cloud or drown out rational thinking. Or, we might focus on the wrong aspects of a problem, and let our bias get in the way of solving an issue.

2. Considerations About Cognitive Bias

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