Business and Marketing Course

Module 6 ? Marketing Message

Let?s review what materials you have as a result of the first five sessions, and then you will ?package? your offering to clients.

Lesson 1 – You wrote your story of how you are and came to be a certified coach with the credentials and authority to support your clients through coaching. Check your story…

  1. Does it share what pain you went through or what problem you solved that are similar to your client’s issues or pains?
  2. Do you describe how you solved your pain or problem?
  3. Do you conclude with an offer or call to action for potential clients?
  4. What is the name of your brand as a result of this exercise?

Lesson 2: – ?You wrote a description of your ideal client called the persona,?the client profile, or the avatar. If you did not realize it, when you develop your product, when you write out emails to your clients or design your website, you will do so keeping this avatar in mind. Imagine this client in your mind when you write a blog, set up sales pages, and write an email.

Lesson 3 ??If you are through finished trading one hour of time for a specific amount of money, then the coaching packages and services will serve you well. Some persons have trouble defining a package. If you wish to create your first package with mentoring, please schedule a call with Dr. Goode-1-682-351-0328 or set up an Uberconference?call.

Lesson 4 ? In this class, you chose an arbitrary amount of money, as a starting point, ?to charge clients for a specific service or coaching package. Moreover, you planned this income over six months to determine?how much you might earn, and how does?your plan need support or changing.

Lesson 5 ? You completed the formula for your marketing message. What is your marketing message?

Lesson 6 – Summarize the marketing steps and complete the marketing profile of your client as well as your profile as the seller.


In this class, you will start?the mechanics of the marketing plan by developing a marketing message. Then try out your message through various media listed on the handout. Change the message as needed for your different types of clients.

The presentations are original and may seem redundant. Review the presentation of the information, but don’t recreate homework you have already prepared. Rather, use the information to expand your ideas as you will be putting them into a business plan in the next presentations.

My Tasks or Challenges


Write down from your preview of the presentation:

  1. ?Finalize your marketing message and determine how you like it.?
  2. Use the one-page message planner and circle five significant methods to get your message out there.?
    • Does your message change?or is it more refined in the various suggested areas??
    • Or, can you use the one message in all areas??
    • List any Idea that supports?your message to your specific niche audience.

One Page Message Planner