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Module 5 – Declare Your Marketing Message

This module takes you through your marketing mindset to your marketing message. Remember, you started this course with writing your story, which you can include here as part of your marketing message.?

Assignment 1?

How you think about marketing can advance your business sales and success. Or, your attitude about marketing can limit your expectations and income.?Your mindset severely affects how you act, conduct business, view your clients and plan your income. ?Mindset becomes ingrained so that you may not recognize how mindset limits you.

To learn about your mindset and whether it enhances or limits your perspective, complete the following exercises.?

?Write out the top 5 negative or limiting thoughts about marketing and your coaching services

Write next to each one what feelings or emotions rise as you read the sentence or phrase?

Next turn each thought into a positive statement (for a positive mindset) that makes you feel better, even hopeful, and more expectant of a positive outcome. Can you accept this thought as true?

Make a brief list of how will support the positive mindset statements. How will you remember to turn around a negative mindset?to a positive mindset?

  1. Thoughts?
  2. Actions?
  3. New Plans?

Now is the time to bring the story you envision for your business. SHARE How the new positivity or optimism supports you and the business, Complete your story so as to include your vision of your business.

Watch The Presentation and Then Complete the Second Assignment


The message that your brand and words convey have to personalize the content for your client. Answer these questions:

Imagine your client would ask: ?Why do I need this service?
What results from me having this service??
How does this service work? Show me the results.?


Assignment 2

Your marketing message, as a certified consultant or coach, serves one purpose: To catch the attention of your ideal customer and to get the person excited about your offer, and move them to the actions desired. The action you expect will also depend on their level of interest in your?sales funnel

Your central marketing message can serve as your tagline, but it goes beyond the brand identification. The marketing message is directed specifically to your ideal client, their need or desire, and what you will offer them. Your client should want to ask, “How does this relate to me, and what can this do for me?”

Write out several variations of the following formula addressing your client’s issue. Send to your?mentor.

The formula for the marketing message is this…

Audience or Client
Their challenge, issue, or problem
What result will you help them achieve
Share proof in some form: testimonial, story, case study or your personal experience can also work.

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