Business and Marketing Course

Module 4 ? How to Have a Financially Successful Business

This introductory module presents the essential steps of planning the kind of income you will need to support a coaching or consulting practice. The presentation guides you through planning the steps to create income.?

This is a place to start. You will be choosing an income level to start with, and then?work with that number as your goal. Learn the financial planning process as a map to your program and income goals


  1. In the previous module, you considered some ways to package your services and products.
  2. In this module, you will place a price on those packages of services and/or products.


By following the suggestions in the presentation, your product will be a financial plan, which will show you

  • What you can offer clients
  • How much you will charge your clients
  • Then developing your income and budget over a six months period.


In addition to the presentation, you will find a planning document in the Resources section. This also provides a step-by-step approach in a Word document.

The financial planning includes…

What package or services you will offer.

How much you will charge.

How to plan the pricing of your offerings over a period of time to achieve your income goals.

How to view this over a six months period.


Your coaching or consultant business must be financially sound, which takes planning. ?You might feel like you are making up the numbers, and it is the best place to start. Once you see the plan, and ?understand how to adjust ?the plan according to your needs, time, and offerings, the plan will become your most useful tool?

This ACPI article helps you understand the end result of your planning efforts.



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