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Module 2 ? Who Is Your Ideal Client?

  • This second module presents the process and provides worksheets for identifying your ideal client.

  • This essential step will help you narrow your marketing to those specific people whom you will coach.

  • When you put information on your website, or when you design your services or products, you do so specifically for this client. ?

  • You know their struggles, can identify their temperaments, and direct all of your marketing efforts to them.

  • What you define and write about your ideal client is called the persona,?the client profile, or the avatar.

Several resources here guide you through the process of clarifying and defining your ideal client.

1. Watch the presentation.

2. Read the ebook Your Ideal Client.?Either download the ebook below or read it the bottom of the page. The ebook is the most thorough for encouraging your brainstorming and defining specifics of your customer.


3. The ACPI Quick Start document offers a shorter version is you are already familiar with this process.

4. The Ideal Client Written Sample (5 pages) can be used with your modifications.

Resources to Download


The story of your business leads to the brand. And your business brand leads to your logo and your audience development. This brings together the intellectual approach as well as the heart-approach, which are the emotions that you bring to your business.?

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