Business and Marketing Course

Module 1 ? Tell Your Story – The Business Overview

This introductory module presents the essentials steps of the business plan and marketing plan, both of which start with defining your brand as you tell your story.


1. Watch the presentation.

2.?Read Section One in the Ebook-

3. Read the first half 0f BMGuide.2017.Develop-Story-Brand–Write and tell your story. Feel free to write in vignettes. Feel free to write from a stream of consciousness.?By following the questions in the book to write your story, also make?clear your passion and what YOU want to do in your business.

4. There are also two documents to short-cut your version. One is the Quick Start document. The second is a 5-page sample document on the Ideal Client.

You can also refine your story with Dr. Goode?s consultation and copywriting to help you offer precise messages to your audience with consistent wording and focus.

1. Watch the presentations.

3. Read Section One in the Ebook-BMGuide.2017.Develop-Story-Brand

4. Write and complete your story based on your values that will guide your business decisions and your market.


The story of your business leads to the brand. And your business brand leads to your logo and your audience development. This brings together the intellectual approach as well as the heart-approach, which are the emotions that you bring to your business.?

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