Build Coaching Authority and Income Course Description

Successful Business & Marketing Training

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. ~ Aristot A successful coaching business is a thrilling experience. You learn! You plan are planning for the budget, clients, the lessons, and fun all come together. You accomplished this by facing fears and focusing forward.


The steps to a successful coaching business and marketing are shared through 7 proven modules– blueprints you can follow.


Receive gold-star business training and marketing education so you can…

…Establish an astonishing online presence with profit as a Certified Parenting Coach.

This ACPI course will train you in how to build a remarkable, profitable business both in your community and online. We go beyond teaching to offer you practices based on a dozen years of showing people how to create and build a coaching business.

When you enter into a coaching relationship, you offer empowerment, new perspectives, and solutions. The information on ACPI’s  blog  will help you get started on mastering your business planning and marketing a successful coaching business.

The advanced Business Training and Marketing classes teach you the more beneficial techniques to attract clients and design services and products. The Business & Marketing program teaches you how to build and organize your offers and sales content.

Module 1

Module One  Tell Your Story

This module presents how to find the message you want to tell people, which is derived from your story. Your story will define your brand, your offer, and your logo.
Module 2

Module Two – Define Your Client

Having a crystal clear idea of who you want to do business with – and who you don?t want as a customer – is absolutely critical. Thus, your business plan revolves around who will be your customer.

Module 3

Module Three  Package or Bundle Coaching Services & Products

You have to move out of the mindset and habit of exchanging your time for money. This module presents the way to bring your services and products together into one package at one price. Doing so makes it easier than selling a single session, one book, or even your training as separate products.

Module 4

Module Four  Planning A Financially Successful Business

The module provides the steps to plan your pricing and income over a six month period. Successful business owners plot their client numbers, products offered, and income streams to ensure the business is viable financially. Doing and seeing this is an exciting push to make your dream real and prosperous.

Modules 5

Module Five  Plan 3 Marketing Tactics

The marketing mindset first explores limited thoughts or resistances to marketing and how to market with confidence that you can develop a marketing message and materials for your chosen client profile.

Modules 6

Module Six  Complete Your Successful System

Put in place all of the magical marketing plan, public relations and financial planning and coaching deliverables comes together as you complete a 6-or-12 month plan which is your authentic blueprint to success.