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People can turn their problems around.? They can be whatever they want.? They can have whatever they want. Coaching is about that process.? You help them and it is an incredible job. Coaches review a client?s strengths and focus on them.


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? ?I?ll tell you about Parent Coaching? You have to have a plan and it has to be a plan that works.? You should not settle for the mediocre in life.? Coaching helps you set goals.? I collaborate with my clients.? I am on their side.? As a coach, I help and strategize with my clients so they can achieve their goals.? Coaching is about personal evolution, vision, what?s next, what?s now, and moving forward. It?s about having standards, not settling for the mediocre in life, but looking and feeling your best. ?~ Life Coach–Annemarie Brown~


In coaching, the model is that the client is whole and wants to achieve goals. The parent is open to advice and discussion and looking to the future, not the past. The clients who employ coaches are healthy and happy people who want to improve their lives. They want to go from good parents to better parents.



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